Revive Board Game

Revive Board Game is a strategic, immersive and tabletop gaming experience that aims to revive civilizations in a world post-apocalyptic. The game allows players to lead their tribes and explore the frozen world, gather resources, recruit survivors, rediscover forgotten technology, and create a compelling story within its unique universe.

This captivating boardgame takes players on an exciting journey with asymmetrical powers, highly varied setups and a 5-part campaign. This cooperative, engaging game allows players to avoid direct conflict. Additional content is unlocked with each playthrough.

The game begins with a set of citizen cards. A tribe board that showcases unique abilities is next, followed by a two-layer player’s board. This board allows for the creation and upgrading of custom machines. The main goal is to reach and populate ancient sites. Each site is randomly generated and important for victory points. This creates different strategies every time.

Playing cards, exploring and recruiting citizens, populating old locations, building factories and activating machines using accumulated power are all actions. Revive Board Game is a strategic and thrilling tabletop game that uses innovative multi-functional cards and slot modules.

Revive Board Game Expansion

The Revive Board Game Expansion takes the tabletop gaming experience to new heights by introducing additional content and exciting features. Building on the base game’s success, this expansion offers players fresh challenges, expanded narratives, and more ways to enhance their gaming sessions. It’s like unlocking a new chapter in the post-apocalyptic world, providing a deeper dive into the strategies and stories that players love.

With the Revive Board Game Expansion, players can expect new characters, scenarios, and artifacts that add complexity and excitement to the gameplay. The expansion injects creativity into each session, ensuring that even seasoned players find surprises and strategic twists as they navigate the revived world. It’s a must-have for enthusiasts looking to extend the longevity of their gaming experience and explore the game’s universe in greater detail.

Revive Board Game Kickstarter

Revive Board Game Kickstarter

The “Revive Board Game Kickstarter” is a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter aimed at bringing a unique tabletop gaming experience to life. Kickstarter is a platform where people can support and fund creative projects they find interesting. In this case, the “Revive Board Game” creators are seeking support to produce and distribute their game to a wider audience.

By backing the “Revive Board Game Kickstarter,” individuals can contribute money to the project and, in return, receive exclusive rewards or early access to the game. This crowdfunding approach allows the creators to gauge interest, secure funding, and involve the community in the development process. Supporting the Kickstarter is a way for board game enthusiasts to be part of bringing this exciting project to fruition and enjoy the game before it becomes widely available.

Revive Board Game Rules

The Revive Board Game is a simple game with easy to follow rules. It’s fun and accessible. Each player receives citizen cards, a tribal board, and dual-layer player boards. The tribe board displays your unique abilities. On the dual-layer board, you can upgrade your cards and place custom machines.

It is your main goal to explore the frozen Earth, populate ancient locations, and discover forgotten technologies. You can take two actions per turn. For example, you could play a card to recruit citizens, explore to populate ancient sites to learn new technologies, or build factories. Each card has a resource and special ability. 

When strategically placed in different slots, these cards activate corresponding abilities, allowing the players to create powerful combinations. The game continues till all artifacts have been taken. The player who has the most points wins.

Crowdfunding for the Revive Board Game

Crowdfunding for the Revive Board Game

Revive Board Game crowdfunding allows creators to collect funds and support from a community before the game’s official production. Instead of using traditional methods such as investors or loans to fund their game, crowdfunding allows game creators showcase their ideas online and invite others to donate money in exchange for early access or exclusive rewards.

Platforms like Indiegogo or Kickstarter allow creators to set a fundraising goal and supporters can contribute different amounts in order to reach it. The project can be moved forward if the funding goal is reached within a certain time frame. 

This is a collaborative project that turns potential players into fans who want to see this game become a reality. The crowdfunding for Revive Board Game allows a direct link between creators and gamers, reversing the traditional model and allowing all to take part in bringing the exciting board game to life.

Revive Board Game Crowdfunding

Revive Board Game crowdfunding is a method for people to contribute funds towards the creation of a board game before its official release. The creators don’t rely on traditional methods, like large publishers. Instead, they turn to crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. They can gauge community interest and get financial support directly from them.

Crowdfunding allows individuals who are interested in the Revive Board Game to contribute money towards the project. Backers are often rewarded with exclusive rewards such as early access, limited edition components or special acknowledgement in the credits. 

This collaborative funding model provides not only financial support, but also creates a connection between creators and future players. It fosters a shared excitement and a sense community involvement in bringing Revive Board Game into fruition.

Revive Board Game Review

Revive Board Game is a thrilling blend of storytelling and strategy that allows players to revive civilizations in a dystopian setting. The game features innovative mechanics such as asymmetrical powers and a dynamic five-part campaign to ensure that each playthrough is engaging and unique. It fosters a cooperative environment, which makes it enjoyable and accessible for all players.

Components of the game, such as citizen cards, tribal boards, and double-layered player boards, create an immersive experience. Exploring new areas, building factories and harnessing machines are all actions that contribute to the dynamic gameplay flow. Multi-functional cards are used to add depth and give players a variety of options. Revive Board Game, a unique adventure that blends nostalgia and innovation, is a must for tabletop lovers looking for a compelling and replayable experience.


What is revived in the game?

Revive in the game means breathing new life into traditional board games, revitalizing them with modern elements or innovations.

Which is the best board game?

The best board game is subjective and varies based on personal preferences and interests.

What is the longest lasting board game?

The longest-lasting board game is likely Chess, known for its enduring popularity and centuries-old gameplay.

Is the Game of Life board game fun?

The fun of the Game of Life board game depends on individual preferences; some find it enjoyable, while others may have different preferences.


Revive Board Game stands as a testament to the timeless allure of tabletop gaming, seamlessly blending nostalgia with innovation. Offering a captivating journey of civilization resurgence in a post-apocalyptic world, it introduces players to a dynamic 5-part campaign, asymmetric powers, and strategic gameplay. 

The absence of direct conflict fosters a cooperative and accessible environment for all players. With its carefully crafted components, including citizen cards and dual-layer player boards, the game provides an immersive experience. Revive Board Game is not just a game; it’s a thrilling adventure that revitalizes the joy of face-to-face interaction and strategic decision-making, ensuring endless replayability and lasting enjoyment.

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