How To Store Board Games?

Board games and card games provide an excellent means of uniting friends and family, especially when you set aside a specific night for family gaming. There’s no greater joy than gathering with your loved ones, engaging in board games, and enjoying each other’s company!

Have you ever lost a piece to a board game? Do you struggle with all the boxes being different sizes and trying to stack them on top of one another without having an avalanche of games every time you pull one out to play? How to Store Board Games? offers you solutions to these problems, allowing you to spend more time for family game nights and less time searching with these board game storage organization ideas.

Efficiently store your board games with practical advice. Eliminate the frustration of missing pieces and disorganized boxes. Explore clever storage solutions that simplify family game nights and ensure easy access to your favorites. Get expert insights for a well-organized board game collection.

Why Proper Storage Matters

Proper storage matters for preserving item quality, ensuring safety, and minimizing clutter. It extends the lifespan of belongings and maintains their value.

Aspect of Board Game StorageBenefits and Importance
Maintaining Quality and LifespanProper storage preserves game quality and lifespan.
Preventing Loss and DamageRight storage solutions protect game pieces from loss and damage.
Enhancing Gaming ExperienceEfficient storage facilitates finding and enjoying games.
Saving Valuable SpaceOrganized storage is crucial, especially in limited room situations.



Maintain the unity of game components, especially when it comes to preserving the integrity of your “Do Not Disturb” board game. A preferred method for maintaining game pieces in one place involves using plastic bags. Snack-sized Ziploc bags are an excellent choice for board game components, while decks of cards can neatly fit into sandwich-sized plastic bags.

Eliminate games you no longer use: It’s common to accumulate a collection of board games suitable for toddlers, only to find your kids have grown into teenagers. As time passes, consider donating these games to families with young children or charitable organizations. This will free up space in your game closet and allow you to make room for more advanced games.

Utilize containers when arranging your board game shelves: If you possess a more efficient storage method, it’s acceptable to take a larger game out of its original box. While we generally store our board games in their boxes, occasionally, the boxes may get damaged or prove challenging to stack. For smaller games and card sets, consider placing them in readily stackable baskets and containers on the shelf.

Easy Ways to Organize Board Games

Cubby Shelves and Baskets

Cubby shelves offer a fantastic storage solution for board games. Each cubby can house a different game, making it easy to see and access your board game organized collection. The uniform compartments help keep boxes organized, and you can label each cubby for quick identification.

Baskets are a versatile addition to cubby shelves when storing board games. They help prevent smaller game components from getting mixed up, and you can grab a basket and its contents for quick setup. These containers keep your collection tidy and ensure all pieces remain together for a hassle-free game night.

Plastic Storage Bins for Game Closet Organizers

Plastic storage bins are a fantastic choice for organizing your game closet. Select clear bins to easily spot the games you want to play. Label each container with game titles for quick identification. This ensures your board games are neatly arranged, accessible, and well-protected.

Plastic storage bins come in various sizes, making them adaptable for different board game dimensions. Smaller bins can house card games and accessories, while larger ones accommodate standard board games. Stack these bins within your game closet, and you’ll have a tidy and efficient storage solution that enhances your gaming experience.

DIY Rolling Game Table / Storage

Create a versatile game storage solution with a DIY rolling game table. This project combines a functional gaming surface with ample storage space underneath. You can design custom compartments for your board games, cards, and accessories, making it easy to keep everything organized and accessible for your game nights.

The rolling feature ensures you can move your game table to different locations or tuck it away when not in use. With a little woodworking skill and creativity, you’ll have a stylish and practical game table/storage unit that’s perfect for any gaming enthusiast.

Organize Board Games in Drawers

Utilizing drawers for board game storage is a space-efficient approach. Start by sorting your games by size and type. Place board games flat in larger drawers, making it easy to access them. Use smaller drawers for card games and accessories. 

Adding dividers or containers within the drawers keeps pieces organized and prevents mixing. Label the drawers to find games effortlessly and maintain a tidy board game collection.


The IKEA Kallax shelf is a versatile option for board game enthusiasts. To maximize its board game storage potential, use its cubbies to neatly organize games by size, genre, or theme. Invest in storage baskets to keep small pieces in check, making game retrieval a breeze.

Combine boxes

Streamline Your Collection: A great way to save space is by combining boxes. If you have multiple expansions for a game, placing them in the base game box can help declutter your shelves.

Label Clearly: Ensure each combined box is well-labeled to easily find the right game. It’s a space-saving and organization win.

Stack Them in Containers

When it comes to board game storage, consider “Stack Them in Containers.” Opt for clear, stackable containers to keep games organized and easily accessible. Label each container with game names for quick identification. This method not only saves space but also protects your game components.

Stacking board games in containers is a space-efficient solution. It prevents game pieces from getting lost or damaged, ensuring hassle-free family game nights. By categorizing and stacking your board games in containers, you’ll transform your game collection into a neat and easily navigable treasure trove.

Atlantic 4 Tier Board Game Storage Shelves

The Atlantic 4 Tier Board Game Storage Shelves are a game changer for board game enthusiasts. These shelves offer a sleek and organized solution for storing your board games. With four sturdy tiers, you can neatly stack your collection, keeping games easily accessible and in top condition.

The adjustable shelves allow you to accommodate games of varying sizes, from small card games to hefty strategy boards. This system minimizes clutter, prevents damage to your game boxes, and enhances the overall appearance of your gaming area. It’s a must-have for any board game aficionado looking for efficient storage.

VASAGLE Industrial Ladder Shelf

Maximize your VASAGLE Industrial Ladder Shelf for board game storage. With its open, stylish design, you can display your favorite games on the shelves, making them easily accessible. Use decorative baskets or containers to neatly store smaller games and components for a clean and organized look.

The VASAGLE Industrial Ladder Shelf offers both functionality and aesthetics, providing a unique way to showcase your board game collection. Its sturdy construction and multiple shelves make it an ideal choice for organizing and displaying your games while maintaining a modern and industrial flair in your living space.

Closet Maid 4177 Cubicles Organizer

The Closet Maid 4177 Cubicles Organizer is a fantastic solution for storing board games. Its versatile cube design allows you to neatly segregate and display your games, making it easy to find the one you want. This organizer keeps your board games tidy and easily accessible.

The Cubeicals Organizer’s sturdy construction ensures your board games remain well-preserved. Its sleek, modular design fits neatly in most closets, creating a dedicated space for your game collection. With this organizer, you can maintain an organized, clutter-free closet and enjoy stress-free game nights.

C&AHOME Tree Bookshelf

The C&AHOME Tree Bookshelf provides a unique and space-saving solution for board game enthusiasts. With its distinctive tree-like design, you can neatly organize your board games on its shelves while adding a touch of aesthetic appeal to your game room.

The multiple tiers and sturdy construction of the C&AHOME Tree Bookshelf allow you to keep your board games in an organized and accessible manner. The branches and leaves of this tree-shaped shelf offer ample space to display your favorite games, making it both a practical and decorative choice for board game storage.


How do you keep board games in good condition?

Store board games in a cool, dry place and protect components with sleeves or inserts. Regularly check for damage.

How many board games is enough?

The number of board games you need depends on your preferences and how often you play.

Why do games need so much storage?

Games require ample storage for graphics, audio, and game data to provide an immersive experience.

Do board games hold value?

Board games can hold value, with some vintage or collectible games becoming valuable over time. However, not all board games appreciate in value.


In conclusion, effective board game storage is a game-changer for enthusiasts. The right storage location, quality containers, and proper maintenance are key to preserving your collection. With a well-organized approach, your board games are not only protected but also easily accessible for countless enjoyable game nights with friends and family.

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