How To Play Board Game Sorry?

Playing board games is a fun and engaging social activity where individuals gather to participate in strategic challenges and compete against each other. One popular board game that many enjoy is “Sorry!” a classic game of chance, strategy, and luck that has been entertaining families for generations.

How To Play Board Game Sorry? If you’ve ever wondered how to dive into this exciting board game, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basic rules and strategies needed to master “Sorry” and emerge as the victor.

“Sorry” is a board game that combines elements of strategy and luck. It’s designed for 2 to 4 players and features a unique card system that determines your moves. The goal is to get all your pieces safely to the home base while sending your opponents’ pieces back to the start.

Sorry Game Rules

There are many rules you have to follow while playing Sorry Game:


The game of Sorry! consists of several essential components, each serving a unique role in the gameplay. These components include the game board, colored playing pieces, cards, the start area, and the home space.

The game board is the central playing field, featuring a circular track divided into colored spaces. Each player receives four colored playing pieces, and the objective is to move them around the board to reach the home space.

The game relies on a specialized deck of cards, which players draw to determine their moves and interactions with opponents. The start area is where your pieces begin the game, and the home space is the ultimate destination where you aim to get all your pieces to win.

Object of the Game

The primary objective of Sorry, a rather board game, is to be the first player to get all your playing pieces safely to the home space. This requires strategic maneuvering, card management, and a bit of luck.

To achieve victory, you must move all your pieces around the board’s track, reaching the home space without getting bumped back to the start. The game can be played with a combination of strategy, tactics, and the card actions you draw.


Before diving into a game of Sorry!, you need to prepare the game components. This includes setting up the game board, distributing the colored playing pieces to the players, shuffling the cards, and placing the cards in the card rack. 

Ensure that each player’s start area is equipped with their pieces. Once the setup is complete, you’re ready to commence your game of Sorry!

Game Play

Gameplay in Sorry! is divided into turns, with players taking one turn at a time. The game begins with a card draw to determine the starting player. Players take turns in a clockwise direction from that starting player. Each turn involves drawing a card from the deck and following the card’s instructions.

This can include moving one of your pieces forward, switching places with an opponent, or sending an opponent’s piece back to their start area. Understanding the card actions and using them strategically is crucial to your success in the game. Players must navigate the board’s layout, including safety zones and slide zones, to reach the home space.

Rules of the Board

Rules of the Board

The Sorry! game board has a specific layout that players must understand to navigate effectively. It features a circular track divided into colored spaces, with specific zones and shortcuts to be aware of. Understanding these sorry game rules of the board is essential for strategic gameplay.

The Safety Zones

The board includes safety zones represented by a series of colored spaces near the start area of each player. These safety zones provide protection to your pieces. Once you have a piece in a safety zone, it cannot be bumped or affected by opponents. Only you can move your pieces out of safety zones, and you can move multiple pieces around your safety zone.

Slide Zones and Shortcuts

The Sorry! board has certain slide zones and shortcuts that can help or hinder players. Slide zones are spots on the board where you can jump over other pieces, skipping them entirely. Shortcuts allow players to move more rapidly around the board by cutting across specific spaces.

Understanding how to utilize slide zones and shortcuts to your advantage is a key aspect of strategic gameplay. Below is a table illustrating the different shortcuts and slide zones on the Sorry! board:

Slide Zone 1Slide forward to space 12 from space 4
Slide Zone 2Slide forward to space 15 from space 5
Slide Zone 3Slide forward to space 27 from space 18
Slide Zone 4Slide forward to space 24 from space 13
Slide Zone 5Slide forward to space 46 from space 32
Slide Zone 6Slide forward to space 49 from space 43
Slide Zone 7Slide forward to space 70 from space 57
Slide Zone 8Slide forward to space 78 from space 64
Slide Zone 9Slide forward to space 83 from space 72
Slide Zone 10Slide forward to space 89 from space 85
Slide Zone 11Slide forward to space 94 from space 88
Slide Zone 12Slide forward to space 99 from space 95
Slide Zone 13Slide forward to space 108 from space 103
Slide Zone 14Slide forward to space 117 from space 113
Slide Zone 15Slide forward to space 122 from space 118
Shortcut AJump to the opposing shortcut space (yellow)
Shortcut BJump to the opposing shortcut space (blue)
Shortcut CJump to the opposing shortcut space (green)
Shortcut DJump to the opposing shortcut space (red)

The Cards

The Sorry! card deck is a crucial element of the game. Players draw cards to determine their moves and interactions with opponents. The card deck consists of various card types, each with distinct actions. Understanding the different cards and using them strategically can be a game-changer in Sorry!

End of the Game

Reaching the end of a Sorry! game involves specific conditions and rules. Understanding how the game concludes is essential to determine the winner and calculate scores.

Winning the Game

The ultimate goal in Sorry! is to be the first player to get all four of your playing pieces safely to the home space. Once a player achieves this, they are declared the winner of the game. Winning can be a combination of strategic planning and a bit of luck, as card draws play a significant role.


Keeping track of scores in Sorry! can add an extra layer of competition to the game. You can establish your own scoring system to determine the overall winner across multiple rounds. Consider awarding points for various achievements during the game, such as sending opponents’ pieces back to the start or reaching the home space with a piece.

House Rules

In many games, players develop their own house rules to customize the experience. House rules can be anything from adding special conditions to changing certain card effects. These modifications can make the game more exciting and tailored to the preferences of the players.


Can I play Sorry with just two players?

Yes, Sorry can be played with two players using a variation specifically designed for a two-player game.

Are there different editions of the Sorry board game?

Yes, various editions of Sorry exist, offering different themes, artwork, and even rule variations to suit your preferences.

What is the significance of the safety zones on the Sorry game board?

Safety zones provide protection for your pieces, making them immune to being bumped back to the start by opponents.

How can I make my own scoring system for Sorry?

You can create a scoring system by awarding points for achievements like sending opponents back to the start or reaching the home space with a piece.

What should I do if I lose some of the game pieces?

In case of missing game pieces, you can use common household items as temporary replacements, such as small tokens or buttons.


Learning how to play the board game Sorry can be a delightful experience for players of all ages. With a combination of strategy, luck, and a bit of competitive spirit, this classic game offers hours of entertainment. From understanding the rules and components to mastering the card deck, Sorry provides a mix of challenges and fun that brings friends and family together for memorable gaming moments.

Whether you’re introducing newcomers to the world of board games or rediscovering the joy of Sorry with friends, you now have a solid grasp of the game’s fundamentals. It’s a game where sending your opponents’ pieces back to the start can be just as satisfying as racing to victory, and where laughter and friendly competition go hand in hand. Gather around the table, shuffle the deck, and enjoy the thrill of Sorry as you embark on your journey to home base.

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