How Much Is The Family Feud Board Game?

The Family Feud home board game brings the popular TV quiz show to your living room. It features surveys and face-offs between two teams. Gameplay involves guessing the most common responses similar to the televised Family Feud.

One of the main appeals of Family Feud is its accessibility to all ages. Survey questions cover everyday topics like food, entertainment, and lifestyle choices that most people can relate to. This allows both kids and adults to get in on the fun. Even seniors enjoy reminiscing about survey question subject matter taken from pop culture and current events.

At its core, the Family Feud board game mimics the structure of the hit game show. Players face off in teams of two, earning points for matching consensus survey answers. Bonus Fast Money rounds crank up the excitement. The back and forth gameplay packed with laughs makes Family Feud a fixture at game nights and ideal for bringing together different generations.

Here are the key features of the Family Feud Game Night explained in simple terms:

The Family Feud home game lets you play the popular TV quiz show at home. It’s designed for 3 or more players aged 8 years old or above.

It includes 75 all-new Face Off question cards with survey questions similar to the TV show. There are 25 Fast Money bonus round cards for a final challenge.

The game box contains everything you need to play:

  • Scoreboard to keep track of points
  • Magic marker to write answers
  • Complete instructions

Face Off cards have survey questions covering topics like food, entertainment and everyday items. Players try matching the most popular responses. This part of the game creates fun competition within families.

The Fast Money bonus round recreates the final challenge from TV. Players bid to win all the points accumulated. It’s a race against the clock!

With simple rules and lots of laughs, Family Feud Game Night brings a popular quiz show for enjoyment at home. It’s easy to set up and ideal for family game nights.

Family Feud Board Game Rules

Family Feud Board Game Rules
  • The game is for 3 or more players divided into two teams
  • Teams take turns facing off to guess survey answers
  • One player gives an answer – if it’s a top survey answer, their team wins points
  • Face Off round – 75 survey questions total
    • Each team gets 3 strikes
    • Score points for matching popular survey responses
  • Fast Money Bonus round
    • Two team members have 5 survey questions
    • Goal: Score 200+ points to win additional bonus points
  • Final score is tallied
    • Highest score wins the Family Feud game

Game Contents:

  • 75 Face Off question/survey cards
  • 25 Fast Money bonus cards
  • Scoreboard
  • Magic marker and eraser
  • Instructions

Set Up:

  • Split into two even teams
  • Decide order of play
  • Designate scorekeeper

The rules aim to be simple and easy to follow. It’s all about guessing the most popular responses to survey questions – just like the TV show! Families can customize rules as desired.



Family Feud Board Game Platinum Edition

Family Feud Board Game Platinum Edition

Take Family Feud fun to the next level with the Platinum Edition game. This deluxe version packs in even more survey questions and challenges.

The Platinum Edition contains:

  • 200 Face Off question and survey cards (instead of 75)
  • 50 Fast Money bonus round cards (instead of 25)
  • Special Platinum Edition box and board
  • Everything in regular Family Feud game

Twice as many Face Off cards means more variety in survey questions. Categories range from food and pop culture to school subjects and everyday items. There’s something for all ages to enjoy.

With 50 Fast Money cards instead of the usual 25, the high stakes final round stays exciting. Players race to win big by matching quick fire survey answers.

Even the scoreboards get fancy with metallic gold accents. The Platinum Edition has bonus features but still simple rules. Setup and gameplay stay the same as classic Family Feud.

For bigger games and non-stop laughs, upgrade your Family Feud nights with this value-packed collector’s edition. All that’s missing is Steve Harvey himself!

How Much Is The Family Feud Board Game For Adults

How Much Is The Family Feud Board Game For Adults

The adult version of the popular Family Feud home game features risqué and funny survey questions. It adds an extra element of humor and surprise for older crowds.

Pricing is similar to the regular Family Feud board game edition. The standard adult edition costs between $25-$35 from online third party sellers.

A deluxe edition with more content and accessories ranges from $40-$50.

What’s included:

  • 300 adult-themed survey cards
  • Game board
  • Instructions
  • 6 scoreboards
  • Answering dice
  • Markers

The gameplay and rules stay the same as classic Family Feud. Players still compete by guessing popular survey answers. Only now the questions have spicy, adult-rated content!

So to recap:

  • Standard adult edition: $25-35
  • Deluxe edition: $40-50

It’s an inexpensive way to put a cheeky twist on family game nights. The adult questions mean more surprises and laughs!

Family Feud Board Game Questions And Answers

However, the questions are based on surveys asking people to name common or popular things in certain categories.

Some example question categories are:

  • Name a popular food
  • Name something you do on a first date
  • Name a popular children’s toy
  • Name something associated with the beach

The answers given in the game would be the most common survey responses in those categories.

So for “Name a popular food” common answers could be:

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Burgers
  • Tacos

And for “Name something associated with the beach” popular responses might be:

  • Sand
  • Ocean
  • Surfing
  • Sunscreen

The fun of the game is trying to match the most common survey answers just like on the Family Feud TV show. The specific questions and answers are not publicly available but they follow this format inspired by surveys of popular opinions.


Is the Family Feud game free?

No, you have to purchase the home board game version to play.

Is Family Feud a board game?

Yes, there is a board game version sold in stores to play the game at home with family.

How long is a Family Feud game?

A typical Family Feud board game round lasts around 30-45 minutes per full game.

How many people can play the Family Feud board game?

The Family Feud home board game supports 3 to 8 players divided into two teams.


The classic Family Feud home board game provides hours of entertaining survey-based trivia competition. It brings the popular TV quiz show to your living room. Pricing for the base version of Family Feud is quite affordable, usually retailing in the $25 to $30 range online or in stores like Walmart and Target. Deluxe editions or themed variations may cost closer to $40 or $50. But overall, considering the replay value from countless face-off rounds and bonus challenges, the standard Family Feud board game is very reasonably priced for a household favorite. It delivers exciting group play matching wits trying to predict survey outcomes. At under $30, it’s cheap fun for game nights with family or friends.

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